infrastructure planning and design


Water Street Engineering’s mission is to create cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and on-time solutions to water engineering challenges, and thereby; contributing to the success and goals of our clients. We add value by combining high levels of expertise with the nimbleness and responsiveness of a small firm.

WSE’s chief areas of practice include but are not limited to the following:

  • Water utilities: water system master planning, network hydraulic modelling, and design of pumping stations, valve stations, and energy-recovery systems.

  • Wastewater utilities: system planning and assessment, and design of lift stations and related infrastructure.

  • Water resources: hydraulic structures, channels, water management, river engineering, and flood damage rehabilitation.



Water Street Engineering was founded in 2014 by Neal Whiteside as Whiteside Engineering (renamed in 2017). When Allan Bronsro and Pádraig Harrington joined as as Principals in 2017 and 2018, we significantly expanded our capabilities.

We joined forces as Water Street Engineering with a vision to leave a legacy of good projects, as seen in this way by our clients and our community.”

Allan Bronsro, Neal Whiteside and Pádraig Harrington


Few things are as necessary to civilization as reliably supplying drinking water and properly handling wastewater; and WSE aims to excel in helping with these important tasks. To excel means that our clients judge our projects to be practical, cost-effective, safe and reliable designs that function as they should. 

Value Proposition

WSE offers dedicated, independent, senior-level engineering expertise and judgment to projects. Our role on a project will be specifically targeted and scaled to suit your needs: from a few hours (project definition, specialist advice, value engineering) to several months (water master planning, detailed design, construction management). We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and project teams to ensure our work best meets your needs.

Our goal is to deliver good work on time.

WSE has the flexibility to select sub-consultants with the right expertise for the project scope and focus; or alternately we are comfortable working as a sub-consultant in a multi-disciplinary team. 

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