Water Street recognizes the fortunate position we hold as a successful company in a stable industry, and we believe in giving back to our community. This means that we donate corporately, and also support our employees’ own volunteer efforts.


We donate 1% of our billed professional fees to charitable causes. Since 2019, we have directed 1% of our professional fees on every invoice to Canadian charities that are important to our employees and our clients. These are cash donations, and are in addition to time and resources volunteered.

Each year our staff nominates one or more charities that they would like to support, and that have values consistent with our values as a company, and those of our clients.

An independent third party will confirm that we have met this commitment on an annual basis.


We support our employees’ own volunteer efforts by contributing time and resources. Water Street provides both paid and unpaid leave annually to each employee for participating in charitable activities. We also allow office space and equipment to be used by employees to support their volunteer activities.

Corporate donations and employee volunteer efforts are done in accordance with our corporate Charitable Donation Policy.