Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are embedded in our culture and demonstrated by our actions. Water Street is an environmentally and socially responsible company, as demonstrated by our approach to sustainability.

our approach

Our sustainability actions match our corporate goals, and include the following:

  • We strive to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, and aim to improve industry standard practices.
  • We consider climate change in our work, using professional guidelines and best available science.
  • We look for opportunities to optimize the sustainability of our operations and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We do not own or lease any company vehicles. For site visits and other business operations we encourage the use of car-share vehicles (i.e., hybrids), transit, or bicycle.
  • We do not provide office parking, and we encourage our staff to bike, walk, or take transit to work. We provide shower and change facilities in our office, and secure bike storage in our building. Our office is in an accessible neighbourhood close to two Skytrain stations, the Seabus, and numerous bus routes and bike paths.
  • We have recycling programs in place for paper, plastic, glass, food waste/compostables, batteries, printer cartridges, and IT equipment/ electronics.
  • We are as close to a paperless office as is reasonably possible. We do not have a production printer in our office, and use Notarius software to digitally sign and seal our technical deliverables.
  • Our staff made some of our office desks from Douglas Fir lumber reclaimed from two buildings in our neighbourhood dating from 1896 and 1908.