Planning, design, assessment, trouble-shooting and upgrading of water booster stations and pumping facilities for municipalities, industries and mines.

Enhancement and rehabilitation of natural river systems, including diversions, fisheries habitat complexing, wetlands, and flood response.

Civil design of water mains. Condition assessment of existing mains (or systems).

Planning and strategic advice for site water management facilities, including drainage, runoff, rivers and watercourses, erosion control, and tailings, as well as assessment of infrastructure risks, and emergency response.

Hydraulic modelling and capital planning of distribution systems and facilities to address water quality, growth, fire protection, and infrastructure renewal.

Planning and design of habitat restoration or compensation works, including in-stream habitat, stream bank restoration, and shoreline restoration.

Civil and mechanical design, upgrading or assessment of pump stations, control valve stations, reservoirs and treatment plants.

Design of new stations and upgrades to existing wastewater pump stations, including retrofits for safety, reliability, standby power, odour control, piping, pumping units, controls, and aesthetics.

Planning and design of stormwater management infrastructure, including channels, sediment ponds, liner systems, and hydraulic control structures, as well as pumping and transfer systems such as intake structures, pipelines, and storm sewers.

Civil design of sanitary and storm mains, especially challenging retrofits. Condition assessment of existing mains and control structures.

Design and upgrading of diesel standby power and prime power, including auxiliary systems such as fuel supply, engine exhaust, cooling water, air handling, and noise control.

Development of water use forecasts including water use disaggregation by customer class and indoor and outdoor uses. GIS assignment of demands for modelling and planning. Assessment of unaccounted for water use for water loss management programs.

Specification and design of water storage tanks (either steel or concrete) including site design, control chambers, and ancillary systems for instrumentation and maintenance
Design and installation of groundwater wells, typically for potable water use, including pump selection, piping design, instrumentation and controls.
Capital and maintenance planning to support new growth or address aging sanitary sewer infrastructure using hydraulic modelling toolS.