Houpsitas Village Water Supply




Houpsitas Villiage, BC


Wedler Engineering

Project Description:

Water Street is providing preliminary design, detailed design and construction services for the civil and mechanical design of the proposed water transmission system upgrades for the Houpsitas Village Infrastructure Renewal (HVIR) project for the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations.

Houpsitas Village is located in Kyuquot, BC, roughly 250 km north-west of Campbell River, accessible only by water or air. The Houpsitas Village Water System, which was last upgraded in 1998 supplies water to Houpsitas Village from two remote groundwater wells.

Water Street’s scope of work includes the upgrading of the well controls, a storage reservoir, chlorination system, and a reservoir control building and PRV station. Also included was extending the existing 5 km transmission main to the new reservoir site. Detailed design for this project was completed in 2022 and the project will be constructed in 2023.

The project faced numerous challenges, including the remote site location, which was only accessible by boat or air.

Consulting Team:

Civil Engineering:

Wedler Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

Water Street

Structural Engineering:

Gygax Engineering Associates

Geotechnical Engineering:

Ryzuk Geotechnical

Electrical Engineering:

Watanabe Engineering

Existing PRV Station