Leakage Detection Assistance

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North Vancouver, BC


City of North Vancouver

Project Description:

The City of North Vancouver (the City) has approximately 154 km of water mains, which are primarily ductile or cast iron. In early 2020 the City obtained a set of Gutermann 40 Zonescan 820 radio correlating loggers to help them identify and assess the severity of potential watermain leaks across their water distribution system. Water Street was engaged by the City to assist in carrying out a watermain leak detection program using the Gutermann Zonescan 820.

Water Street deployed 200 loggers each day on gate valve operating nuts, to allow them to listen during the night (limited water usage period) for noises along the interconnected watermains. After collecting the loggers, the following day, the Zonescan app was used to correlate each logger’s respective location and measured noise intensity to identify the most probable leak locations.

A technical memorandum was prepared to summarize the field work completed and identify probable leak locations. Based on the data collected, Water Street identified ten potential leakage locations. A proposed field work procedure and recommended equipment list were also provided to the City to be used and referenced for future leak detection work.

The project included significant challenges including field work in busy roadways with high vehicle traffic or in construction zones.

City of North Vancouver Water Supply System

Gutermann 40 Zonescan 820 Radio Correlating Logger