Lift Station Odour Control Upgrades

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Whistler, BC


Resort Municipality of Whistler

Project Description:

Water Street provided preliminary and detailed design services for the upgrade of the odour control facilities at three lift stations as part of a wider electrical upgrade for the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The three lift stations proposed for upgrades each had different odour control systems: a proprietary bio-bed system, a non-proprietary bio-bed constructed from compost and a canister style activated carbon scrubber. The goal of this project was to select a technology to standardize on and to improve access and maintenance to the facilities.

The preliminary design phase reviewed the available technologies on the market including visiting existing odour facilities elsewhere in Whistler including the AC dry scrubber at the Whistler Wastewater Treatment Plant. A preferred technology was then selected based on ease of maintenance and life cycle cost analysis.

The selected technology was carried forward to detailed design. The selected technology was a skid mounted activated carbon scrubber. The installations varied with each site. In one location an existing room was modified while at the other two locations an external kiosk enclosure and a building were provided to house the odour control skid.

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Civil and Mechanical Design:

Water Street

Project Lead, Electrical Lead:

PBX Engineering Ltd.

Original Odour Control Building at Spruce Grove LS

New Odour Control Unit at Golden Bear LS