Maple Ridge Water Model Update

Service & Expertise:




Maple Ridge, BC


City of Maple Ridge

Project Description:

The City of Maple Ridge retained Water Street to update their City-wide hydraulic model.  The update included:

  • Addition of sub-models for the Albion and Silver Valley areas including demands updates for existing, approved, and forecast buiild-out development scenarios.
  • Physical model updating to include recently construction infrastructure (water mains, PRV stations etc)
  • Updates of friction factors in areas based on recent hydrant flow testing
  • Updating of initial settings and controls

The City further extended the project to include additional analysis including:

  • Options for devising /analyzing emergency servicing for an area
  • SCADA data analysis to determine actual base and peak water use rates in 2022 (including during heat-dome event).
  • Evaluation of bulk fill station usage (model demand adjustment)
  • Analysis of operating revisions to improve fire flows in a pumped pressure zone.