Neighbourhood Energy Flood Risk Assessment

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Vancouver, BC


 City of Vancouver 

Project Description:

The City of Vancouver retained Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (lead consultant) and Water Street to assess the potential flood risks at the South East False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU) sewage pump station. 

The facility, built in 2009, had suffered several damaging floods, including an Oct 2018 event that caused catastrophic flooding of the dry side caused by sewage damaging and leaking through a ventilation duct in the wet well. A previous flood event on 05 May 2011 also had the potential to cause damage, but did not spill into the basement. Following the 2018 event, the City undertook a number of assessments and emergency repairs. 

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Civil and Mechanical Design:

Water Street

NEU pump station wet well

Analysis of ventilation ducts with respect to flood risk