PRV Assessments

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Vancouver, BC


City of Vancouver

Project Description:

The City of Vancouver (the City) retained Water Street to provide comprehensive condition assessments with repair recommendations, replacement schedule, and capital plan, for six aging PRV stations.

The report assessed the current condition of the stations against regulatory requirements and agreed standards. The scope included civil, mechanical, electrical & controls, and structural components. The scope also included assessment of operation issues such as resilience, operability, maintainability, access, and safety, as well as related issues such as parking.

Each facility and its subcomponents were rated on a five-point condition rating scale. Results of the condition assessments were used to develop recommendations for upgrades and/or replacement of each station. Capital cost estimates were prepared for each station’s recommended upgrades, and rankings for the upgrade urgency of each station were provided to inform the City for future upgrade plans.

Consulting Team:

Civil and mechanical lead:

Water Street


PBX Engineering Ltd.


Gygax Engineering Associates

PRV Specialist:

Xpert Valve Services and Maintenance Ltd.

13th Ave. & Maple St. PRV Station

22nd Ave. & Nanaimo St. PRV Station