Sasamat Lane Extension




North Vancouver, BC


District of Vancouver

Project Description:

The District of North Vancouver retained Water Street to carry out a study of the potential provision of water service to a 35-lot community located outside the current service area north of Deep Cove. The study was high-level, intended to provide information on which the District could base decisions about further phases of work. It included developing design criteria, options screening, and options conceptual design.

The District required a broad analysis that covered the major technical, economic, operational, environmental, and geomorphological issues, including fire protection, land ownership, permitting, and cost implications. From a water utility perspective, water would have to be provided at adequate flows, pressures and quality to meet drinking water standards and District requirements. Each option therefore included provision of fire flows, but sub-options with no fire allowance were also considered.

A total of five conceptual options were screened, including mostly in-road routes following existing roads; two potential routes tying into the end of the existing system; as well as an option to route supply piping underwater.

Water Street’s approach to assessing the service extension was based on reference to standards, including code requirements, recommended practice, or best industry practice. The approach was intended to be practical. It distinguished between work that must be done (by code) vs work that would be desirable (industry best practice) so that the District could choose appropriately.

The project featured numerous challenges, both physical jurisdictional. Of particular concern was developing standards for water mains several kilometers in length on private roads.

Consulting Team:

Project Lead, Civil Engineering

Water Street




GeoWest Engineering Ltd.

The Sasamat Lane area north of Deep Cove