Thornton Pump Station Repairs

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Vancouver, BC


City of Vancouver

Project Description:

The City of Vancouver retained Water Street to complete a condition assessment of the wet well, plus detail design and construction service for repairs and maintenance upgrades to the Thornton Park pump station. The upgrades proceeded to construction in 2019, and were completed in early 2021.

In addition to the condition assessment, the scope of work included replacing the pump discharge piping and supports in the wet well, installing new mixer pumps, integrating the mixers into the station control system, and associated mechanical and electrical work.

The scope of work also included design of a replacement mixer pump, guiderails and flow meter at the Charleson Park pump station; and a new flow meter in a buried vault at the Terminal Central pump station. These elements were not included in the construction contract due to budget constraints.

During construction, Water Street acted as the Contract Administrator and Engineer of Record. The work involved considerable effort to develop safety and bypass plans, and to adjust to as-found conditions once the wet well was dewatered.

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Project Lead, Civil, and Mechanical Design:

Water Street


PBX Engineering Ltd


Gygax Engineering Associates

Dry Well Bypass Piping Installation

West Wet Well Pump Discharge Piping Replacement