Water Station Assessments

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Langley, BC


Township of Langley

Project Description:

The Township of Langley (ToL) retained Water Street to complete a condition assessment of their water assets, which included

  • 11 Booster Pump Stations
  • 15 Groundwater Wells
  • 9 Reservoirs
  • 23 PRV Stations
  • 2 Dyke Lift Stations
  • 5 Stormwater Lift Stations
  • 1 Groundwater Injection Well

The work program included review of background information, field assessments, and discussions with operators. The assessments were completed using Ameresco Asset Planner software, which allowed the ToL to view assets on an element-by-element basis and assign actions to them. Actions can include replacement, repair, or study. The platform provided the ToL with an overview of its water assets allowing it to plan repair and replacement costs into the future. The primary objective was to update the software with current information pertaining to the condition of the ToL’s water assets and costed actions.

A technical summary overview report was prepared to summarize the field work completed and identify water assets as in critical, poor, fair, or good condition and required actions as low, medium, or high urgency or urgent.

Consulting Team:

Project Lead, Civil, and Mechanical:

Water Street



Well Specialists:


Murrayville Booster Pump Station

McLeod PRV Station