Water Supply-Demand Sensitivity Analysis

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Whistler, BC


Resort Municipality of Whistler

Project Description:

Water Street carried out an analysis of water demands in the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) to identify current usage and assess potential impact of water conservation measures.

The project included:

  • A detailed analysis of current consumption based on historical source flow data
  • A comprehensive bottom-up demand build based on existing account information, estimated irrigable areas, and benchmark water use rates

The GIS-based analysis provided a breakdown of current usage by subdivision within the municipality. Average daily demands, peak week demands, and maximum day demands were determined for the RMOW water system. Data handling and recording issues were reviewed to improve the accuracy and reliability of data logging for system planning.

The demand build model provided a basis for determining the relative volumes of water use for different areas and uses within the system. In comparison to the previous bed-unit basis for design capacities, the new demand build allows for usage to be isolated by sector, and separation indoor and outdoor usage, with irrigation usage linked to irrigable area. The format allows for convenient evaluation of various water conservation measures.

Resort Municipality of Whistler

2018 RMOW Source Flows