Water System Seismic Vulnerability Study

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Surrey, BC


City of Surrey

Project Description:

Metro Vancouver retained Water Street to prepare a pre-design report evaluating the options for expansion of the Grandview Reservoir in Surrey. The pre-design included assessing various configurations for the proposed Cells 3 & 4 to meet the forecasted build-out for the Grandview area. Water Street prepared three options for the configuration of the cells including supply and discharge piping configurations, valve chamber arrangement, construction sequencing and phasing of the upgrades. Class C capital costs opinions and life cycle cost assessments  were prepared for the options. 

A critical constraint of the project was consideration of requirements for a deep 1200 mm dia. reservoir outlet to the Grandview Pump Station between the existing reservoir (Cell 1) and the site property line. Property impacts (both the City’s property and public roads), temporary working easements, statutory ROWs, permanent easements for pipes, the working width required to construct the deep excavations, and protection & support of existing structures (particularly the reservoir) were considered and costed.

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Project Lead, Civil, and Piping

Water Street


Licker Geospatial Co


Golder Associates Ltd.

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D.G. Honegger Consulting

Estimated break rates for individual pipe segments during 1:975-year earthquake