Water Utility Zone and Feed Study




North Vancouver, BC


City of North Vancouver

Project Description:

The City of North Vancouver retained Water Street to develop redundancy and water quality improvement options for the 183m pressure zone. The project also provided a better understanding of current reliability and water quality weaknesses in the pressure zone.

The goals of the project were to develop viable cost-effective options that improved supply reliability to the zone, improve chlorine residuals in the zone, and reduce or eliminate flushing valve stations (used in areas with recurring chlorine residual issues).

Water quality modelling tools were used to identify and calibrate water chlorine decay in the system. Options were then developed and evaluated for improving water quality and reliability in the pressure zone.  Options considered included use of inter-zone PRVs, reservoir operational changes (tank mixing improvements), splitting the pressure zone, and various cast iron pipe replacement programs.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Option (to Improve Water Quality)

System Schematic