The City of Vancouver retained WSE to complete an assessment, high-level scope of work, and cost estimate for refurbishing the Burrard Pump Station. The station is located below the intersection of Burrard St. and W. Cordova St. in downtown Vancouver.

The wastewater pump station was constructed in 1984. It is a wet-pit/dry-pit configuration with three submersible pumping units with a design capacity of 100 L/s each. In addition to the wet well, the station has a below-grade valve chamber housing the discharge control valves, and an above-grade building housing the controls, fans and air system.

This report assessed the current condition of the station, identified opportunities for improving operation, safety controls and instrumentation, and making the station overall more resilient.

The project included:

  • Assessment of operational function (condition, capacity, safety, operability, and flood proofing)
  • Structural, seismic and geotechnical assessment (static evaluation and seismic resiliency)
  • Mechanical (pumps, valves, piping, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Electrical and controls (controls, PLCs, and standby power)

The options analysis identified and developed opportunities, and made recommendations for upgrades in those areas, based on the existing condition of components, occupational health and safety requirements, current industry practices, and efficiency improvement opportunities.

    Burrard Pump Station 

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Facility condition assessment
    • Sewage pumping
    • Safety standards
    • Current practice for pump station reliability, operability and maintainability
    • Predesign of pumping facilities
    • Estimation of costs

    Client: City of Vancouver

    Subconsultants: PBX Engineering (Electrical), Gygax Engineering Associates (Structural), Thurber (Geotechnical)